Jan 5, 2012

Distance today =59.76 km; Total distance = 251.19 km; Location = Middlemarch –  45 30.433′ S, 170 07.383′ E; Start time = 0833, Finish time = 1738.

No internet last night, so no blog post. Just to let everyone know how it works, there are three connections I need each day.

The first is my Garmin watch. This works off satellites, so as long as I am in the open, it will always correctly log my distance and course etc. This is vital for verification of the run.

Next is the transmission of my position. This works off an iPhone app. It gets my position from satellites, but then needs to send it to my web site. This requires mobile phone reception, which I don’t always have. Likewise with the tweets, which are automatically sent to my web site.

Finally, there is the blog, which I’m writing now, along with other web site updates. This requires internet access at the end of the day, which will be hit and miss throughout the run. In summary, don’t be concerned if I fail to update from time to time, even for many days at a time – it simply means I don’t have internet access. And if my tracker is not updating, it means I don’t have mobile phone reception.

As for the run, the last two days have resulted in 48.73 and 49.37 km respectively. Yesterday I had a difficult day – I think I went too hard the day before. Today I felt great. Hopefully the latter will be the norm.

Finally, I’d like to thank two establishments that donated to Oxfam on the spot as I passed through – the Gibbston Valley Cheesery and the Chatto Creek Tavern. Many thanks to you both for your generosity.

Tomorrow I head to Middlemarch, and then on to Dunedin.